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Fei-Fei Li: How we're teaching computers to understand pictures

When a very young child looks at a picture, she can identify simple elements. Now, computers are getting smart enough to do that too.
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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released its shortlist of 10 movies that will vie this year for the best visual effects and Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story made the cut. But when members of the visual effects branch meet to review footage from the film, they’ll have more to consider than just the new planets and warring spacecraft that have been created for the film.
Four successful video game series produced 4 unsuccessful movie adaptations. What gives? 2016 could have been the year that movies based on video games finally leveled up. Instead it was the year that Hollywood proved over and over again that it can’t make a video game movie that’s any good.
2017’s Netflix’s original programming lineup will grow to up to 1,000 hours, more than doubling from 2016, and “that’s a conservative measure right now,” said Sarandos, speaking at the UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in New York.
While the typical VR rig only deals with the senses of sight and sound, our bodies and brains engage with the world around us with a full suite of senses. By mapping other sensory experiences to VR experiences, developers could make things far more realistic and increase the devices' powers of teleportation.
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In August 1955, a 14-year-old black boy from Chicago whistled at a white woman in a grocery store in Money, Mississippi. He was brutally murdered a few days later, and this event started off the US Civil Rights movement. WGBH Boston has excellent archive material of these events.
Aviation specialist Index have supplied film of aircraft for three feature films in production, two set in the 1950s and contemporary sequel, T2 Trainspotting. The 1950s content was a Lockheed Super Constellation, and a Vickers Viscount.
Discover archive footage of the British Royal Family and royalty from around the world with the dedicated British Movietone Royals channel on YouTube. Content dates from 1895 to 1986 and covers all key royal events over the years from weddings and christenings to royal tours and coronations.
From the streets of South Bronx to the turbulence of South Central Los Angeles in the 1980's and early 1990s, Global ImageWorks has footage that documents the birth of Hip Hop and the pioneers who made the music.
Industry News
BVE Opens 28th Feb – 2nd March Excel London
The Broadcast Video Exhibition is on at Excel next week, bringing together a huge number of businesses in the video sector, including broadcast, production and post-production sectors, as well as streaming media, and all kinds of other related trades and creative pursuits.
February 2017 London Welcomes Streaming Forum and BVE
Next month at Excel in East London there is a valuable industry event for media professionals: Streaming Media Forum and BVE technology come together from 28th Feb to 1st March, to interact, network, attend seminars and see the latest products.
Archive Zones - 100th Edition is Here!
FOCAL International's flagship quarterly journal has been running for 25 years and the trade association for footage libraries and researchers is pleased to bring industry professionals this celebratory issue, which looks back on the life and times of the publication.
FOCAL International Awards Submissions Deadline Extended To 16th December
To give everyone a chance to take part in the most prestigious and complete set of awards in the global footage business, they have extended the FOCAL International submissions deadline to 16th December.
Final Call for Submissions to FOCAL Awards
The deadline for the FOCAL International Awards is looming, this is the last chance to get your footage production in before the 1st December for this prestigious footage showcase.
Only Two Weeks to Focal Awards Submission Deadline
FOCAL International Awards submissions deadline 1st December - just 2 weeks left to enter your submissions to the most prestigious and complete set of awards in the global footage business!Producers, filmmakers and other creative professionals who have used library stock and archive footage in a production over the last year are encouraged to submit their work.

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If you’re familiar with video production, then you might also know the headache of trying to find stock footage without the licence complications brought about by copyrighted material. There are quite a few stock video libraries out there for you to source your stock footage, but the majority of them have a limited catalogue and you will find yourself going back to the search engine time and again.

Here at Stock Footage Online, we aim to simplify your process of sourcing the best stock videos for your picture, documentary or promotional movies. We’re always adding to our large number of stock footage libraries so that we remain competitive. We are a stock footage search engine, where you can find everything you need on one site. A quick search for your keyword will return relevant results from a database consisting of hundreds of thousands of stock videos, and you can click straight through to buy your royalty-free licence in a matter of minutes.

When you need to find the best stock footage for your projects, you need Stock Footage Online.

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