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The future of Media, Marketing, Advertising and Agencies

Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard talks about the future of Marketing, Advertising and Agencies in this video talk from Agency Symposium 2014 in Hunter Valley, Australia.
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When an old-school artist who prefers the handmade over the computer-enhanced, and who doesn't especially like conventional CG animation is a VR pioneer, everyone takes note. With VR, "no one tells you what you have to look at, but the car is moving down the path," ex-Disney animator and VR pioneer Glen Keane says. "You feel the freedom" of movement, "and the joy you're in a great storyteller's hands."
Virtual Reality is a nascent technology, in which all of the studied rules and clever UI elements that have made our phones and laptops so comfortable to use don’t actually exist yet. Jean-Marc Denis, a designer for Google, took to Medium to share his experience of jumping into the new field for Google Cardboard.
It’s been a devastating couple of weeks for online advertising: first Apple released iOS9 with advertising blocking features. Then, it was revealed that over half (55.5%) of all online advertising spending is shared between Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. And finally, a recent report by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) revealed that a banner has to be served 1250 times before someone clicks on it…
There’s good news for aspiring YouTube stars in India after Google announced its first YouTube Space for the country. Located in Mumbai, the production facility —the second of its kind in Asia — will be hosted by the reputed Whistling Woods International film school.
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Newly released is a documentary about the children of two leading Nazis. Now old men, they travel around with prominent human rights lawyer Philippe Sands, exploring the sins of the fathers. The film contains rare archive footage of the Nazi era.
Floodwaters have immersed a stretch of County Donegal, in the north of Ireland, and drone footage shows the extent of the problem as the river Finn burst its banks. The images were filmed by Matthew Kelly of
Two libraries have partnered together, Screenocean, who manage clip sales for Channel 4, Channel 5 and others, has reached an agreement with Clips & Footage to become the exclusive clips sales agent for their collection. The agreement also includes representation of clips from Historic Films, the Mountbatten collection and several other libraries.
Very early B/W footage dated 1901 from BFI shows RMS Lucania, and her tender, at Liverpool Pier Head, before setting off for America. This is some of the earliest footage of Liverpool on record and is redolent of the times.
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Capture EXPRESS - the easy way to manage your images, videos and other digital files
Capture EXPRESS provides simple, powerful and ready-to roll digital asset management at your finger tips. It has been tried and tested with a whole raft of libraries and is one of the best asset management systems on the market.
Only 2 Weeks Left to Enter FOCAL International Awards
The closing date is the 1st December for the footage industry's most important awards. The 13th annual FOCAL International Awards, presented in association with AP Archive, will be held on 26th May 2016 at a sparkling gala in London.
Dutch Film Collection EYE participates in MoMA’s To Save and Project Festival
The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) has invited Netherlands film collection EYE to compile two special film programmes for the annual MoMA Festival of Preservation. To Save and Project is an international film festival showcasing recently preserved and restored film works from November 4th to 25th.
Focal International Awards – Only Five Weeks Left to Submit
The annual event celebrating the best use of footage in a wide variety of formats. The deadline is 1st December.
Content in Motion – Audiovisual Heritage Conference in Poland
Come to Warsaw on 3rd and 4th December 2015 to discuss the online presence of Europe's audiovisual collections and their heritage.
Is It Bigfoot or Another Hoax?
'Creature' filmed in California by Bigfoot hunter MK Davis
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