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footageMarketplace connects people to people, and insights to action. Its specialist focus is visual and sound content: issues, the future, and the game-changing moments that happen daily - whether we’re aware of them or not. How will the industry meet its many challenges? What’s in the pipeline? How can we benefit? A genuine must-attend event for better business, and to identify, understand, and stay ahead of the shape of things to come.
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Creative Links
Matt Brittin, Google’s top-ranking European executive, is set to unveil a report analysing ad campaigns across eight countries that show in 80% of cases YouTube ads were far more effective than TV ads in driving sales.
VR will play a big role in Facebook's future - and so will developers who embrace the medium. "I think virtual reality has the ability to be the most social platform, because you feel like you're right there with that person," Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said.
Droga5 UX Director Daniel Perlin explains how we have to shape our way of thinking and speaking in the face of a new (virtual) reality. The potential of VR is vast, and begs a new vernacular, a new language, to both describe itself for others and for itself.
Rick Prelinger, the Bay Area filmmaker known for working with bits of found film, has brought back to life the Los Angeles of yesteryear. "Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles" splices together home movies and studio outtakes, primarily stock driving footage that serves as background in scenes where characters ride in cars or buses.
Buyers and Sellers
The footage and production music industry's best networking event is at 195 Piccadilly, the home of BAFTA on 25th May. Don't miss your chance to meet with the industry's best content suppliers, network with fellow professionals and hear 4 seminars from leading experts.
Established in 1877, Wimbledon is the oldest Grand Slam tournament in the world and the one that every player dreams of winning. The tour's best players compete on famous grass courts at the All England Club in London, showcasing their exceptional talent and providing spectators across the globe with two weeks of action packed matches. IMG Programming will be covering all the important games.
The art specialist footage and stills library will be presenting a mesmerising collection of warped 19th century images, and much more besides, at footageMarketplace in London on May 25th.
The UK is not famous for tornadoes, or twisters as they are sometimes called. Nevertheless they do hit Britain regularly and a viral video from facebook shows one in a Scottish stable yard.
Industry News
Alan Whicker Collection Donated to BFI
The BFI National Archive has received the archives of pioneering investigative TV journalist, Alan Whicker, donated by Valerie Kleeman, Whicker’s World Foundation. The collection contains meticulous records of one of the most enduring and influential careers in British television history, spanning the late 1950s into the 21st century.
Hard Tide – New British Crime Film Opens Soon
Hard Tide, a grim, graphic low-budget independent crime thriller, set in the coastal town of Margate is about to open in cinemas on April 29th. Described as a “crime thriller with a heart” small-time drug dealer Jake rescues Jade, a neglected child and goes on the run with her.
Drone Filming over Central London Draws Criticism
Filming for a music video broke all sorts of rules, by flying a drone over the city. The video posted online showed aerial close ups of some of London's best known landmarks, and has been condemned by professional drone pilots for being "dangerous".
Archive Zones Has Gone Digital!
FOCAL International's flagship journal providing a platform for news and debate on the worldwide audiovisual industry has become an online digital edition. Focal members will still receive the printed magazine, but it is now widely available on FOCAL's website.
Archiving Tomorrow Conference Warns of Archives at Risk
Archiving Tomorrow will be a special 2-day world conference to highlight the single most important issue facing the audiovisual archive world today: Saving the endangered Audiovisual Archive heritage of the world before it is too late!
Witness are Curating Online Videos to Monitor Human Rights in Western Sahara
The Western Sahara area has been struggling to gain independence from Morocco for 40 years. Video human rights monitoring organisation Witness are starting a project to collect user-generated videos of human rights breaches in an area far from the media spotlight.
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