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  Profile OR Media is an award-winning independent production company specialising in international documentaries. It has a particular strength in South Asia and the Middle East and, based on unique access, the company has built up an extensive library of stock footage from across the region. OR Media also uses its access and expertise to provide high quality commissioned footage, most of it captured in HD for broadcasters, other independent film makers, researchers and corporate clients.

OR Media has extended its archive resources by representing the library of its sister company OR Madarat. Based in Riyadh, OR Madarat has an unequalled collection of footage from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Location, access and outstanding quality has made it a retained supplier to major international news agencies. Often the only news crew covering an unfolding event in the Gulf will be OR Madarat, so similar footage is unavailable from other sources.

We are also able to supply GV footage from Middle Eastern locations. New material is constantly being added to the collection and updated on our website. We can despatch DVD viewing copies within 24 hours and supply footage requirements in whatever format specified.


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