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Chris Riley

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  Profile Suppliers of historic, royalty free and rights managed archive footage to tv and movie productions worldwide.  
  Specialities Footagevault holds the largest searchable collection of space flight related film and video footage in the world. Our archives span the 20th century from Sputnik and Gagarin to the International Space Station, and from the first robotic lunar missions to the most recent NASA missions to Mars and Saturn. We hold footage of most of NASAs planetary missions from the 1960s to today and early Air Force experiments in human space flight. We hold HD archive for NASAs Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programmes and selected Space Shuttle Missions. We have an extensive collection of Earth views filmed from orbit and historic views of how computer technology supporting the missions has changed on the ground during the last 50 years. We hold a good collection of rocket launch footage from the V2s of the 1940s to the spectacular Saturn V launches of the 1960s (in HD) and through to the Titan rockets of today. Our HD collection of clips covering life in space spans the first claustrophobic capsule flights of the 1960s to sequences of astronauts floating freely on board the Space Shuttles, MIR and the International Space Station at work or play, eating and sleeping.  
  Client list Discovery Channel, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC, National Geographic.

Size of library: Over 400 hours of footage spanning the history of space flight and other specialist collections from third party contributors.

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