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24th May 2017




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Advance Whacky Footage Alert – Cult Band KLF Reform

One of the most iconic cult bands Britain has ever produced – the KLF, also known as the “Justified Ancients of Mu Mu” for their use of the conspiracy theory thriller/SF books The Illuminatus Trilogy are reforming. Among their left-field triumphs were creating some of the most influential pop videos of the 80s and early 90s, including Justified And Ancient [All Bound For Mu Mu Land] with country star Tammy Wynette, a shoot believed to have cost 500,000 pounds. The KLF flooded the James Bond stage at Pinewood with water and brought in a custom-made Viking longship and submarine.

Their music/videos were very influential, using sampling, multiple images and text, and what we would call mashups of popular themes - “Doctorin the Tardis” supposedly sung by the group’s American police car, called Ford Timelord (another pop culture reference), mixing pop and the Dr Who theme and Dalek voices.

They built a wicker man on a remote Scottish island, and burnt it, causing locals to tell the police that satanists were on the loose, amusing the pair no end.

Perhaps their most outlandish stunt was the burning of one million pounds as a kind of farewell gig when they stopped performing in 1994.

Now it appears they are reforming. Who knows what visuals they will come up with.

Website: Return of the KLF

Incredible Footage of Great White Shark Feasting on Whale

Incredible footage has surfaced of a great white shark tearing strips off a dead humpback whale.

The whale, nicknamed "Scarlet" because it was covered in red lice, washed ashore at Newport Beach in California last week. Lifeguards floated the 16-metre whale back out to the open ocean, making it an easy lunch for scavengers like gulls, and of course sharks.

As luck would have it, a pregnant great white shark was caught on camera ripping in to the whale.

The shark feasted for over 18 hours.

Onlookers were "blown away on the impressive presence of such a large predator."

"She looked like she was here to give birth - she was very large in her girth, As she was eating the whale, it was ridiculous how big she got. She ate so much she was swimming around upside-down aimlessly like she was intoxicated."

Website: Shark Feasting on Whale Footage

Clarifai Excels in Visual Recognition – New Exhibitor at footageMarketplace

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition. Clarifai’s powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced machine learning systems and made easily accessible by a clean API, empowering companies to build a new generation of intelligent applications. They will be exhibiting at the UK’s premier footage, information and networking event, footageMarketplace on May 24th.

Visit them at Table 05.

Registration is now open: Click here to ensure your badge is waiting for you on the day. It is free for industry professionals. A complimentary buffet lunch will be served, and refreshments are available during the day. This is the place to come to network, do deals, and attend seminars by leading industry figures.

24th May 2017 – 9.30 - 16.30
195 Piccadilly (home of BAFTA) London W1J 9LN.


Kitty Hawk Electric Microlight Aircraft First Flight

Kitty Hawk is the “flying car” company that’s financially backed by Google founder Larry Page, and it has published the first video of its prototype aircraft. This is a microlight aircraft (which therefore needs no pilot’s licence) optimised to take off and land on water.

Kitty Hawk claims people will be able to learn to fly the Flyer “in minutes.” A consumer version will be available by the end of this year, the company says. The projected retail price is not disclosed yet, but presumably will be substantial if you can get a $2K discount by joining an $100 club now.

The speed, height and range do not seem to be mentioned: electric batteries are very heavy which is a reason why most electric vehicles are strictly ground based. So perhaps it’s a toy for the rich? Looks fun anyway, but so far not particularly practical.


See the New BigEasyOne Media Managment Platform at footageMarketplace

BigEasyOne is the all new media management and ecommerce platform based on a decade of stock library experience. They will be exhibiting in central London at the UK’s most prestigious stock footage event, footageMarketplace on May 24th.

Integrated with Clarafai AI, upload video, image, audio and documents via ultra-high speed transcoding, automated video clipping, voice enabled meta tagging, dynamic attribution search fields, licence management and more. From $499 monthly rental it’s a very easy choice.

Come and meet the BigEasy team at Table 23.

UK +44 1784 460 064
USA +1 347 983 0157

Registration is now open: Click here to ensure your badge is waiting for you on the day. It is free for industry professionals. A complimentary buffet lunch will be served, and refreshments are available during the day. This is the place to come to network, do deals, and attend seminars by leading industry figures.

24th May 2017 – 9.30 - 16.30
195 Piccadilly (home of BAFTA) London W1J 9LN.


British Pathé Reclaims German Rights To Its Newsreel Collection

British Pathé, the world-famous newsreel archive, has this month launched a new licencing service in the German-speaking world. This marks the first time in many years that media professionals in these territories will be able to licence footage from British Pathé directly, rather than dealing with third-party representatives.

Simon Witter has been appointed to oversee the service as British Pathé’s Licensing Executive for Germany and Eastern Europe. Witter, 54, has a passion for archive footage and extensive experience of licensing from the other side of the aisle, having worked as a documentary filmmaker in recent decades. He has directed archive-rich films and series for a range of European broadcasters that have won a string of international awards.

"My background in production gives me a unique insight into the needs of programme-makers," says Witter, "and I’m looking forward enormously to working with, and getting to know, producers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond."

"The British Pathé archive is a treasure trove of historical gems, from the quirky to the momentous. It allows programme makers to paint a vivid picture of life in the 20th century, and I’m particularly excited about introducing its riches to territories where there is opportunity to dramatically grow brand awareness."

"British Pathé is an outstanding business, founded on unique content and a peerless reputation in the industry. I am delighted to have joined this award-winning team, and I think most clients will see dealing with us directly as a welcome change. It has significant advantages for them, not the least of which is that our entire collection is already fully digitised."

Rare among archives, every frame of British Pathé’s 85,000 newsreels, documentaries and cinemagazines is viewable and searchable online. Crucially, this resource is complemented by free, 24/7 screener downloads, a popular tool that saves clients time and money at the offline edit stage.

Other services proven in the UK that will now also be available to German customers include a free and comprehensive bespoke research service, same-day delivery of broadcast quality material and HD transfers from the original 35mm film.

"The archive’s coverage of German politics and culture is very strong," says Witter, "with well over 4000 films, featuring everything from Kaiser Wilhelm II in the late 1890s to a documentary about the Berlin Wall in 1971 and beyond, via historical milestones and an extraordinary assortment of strange and wonderful stories from the world of German fashion, sport, nature, art, technology and lifestyle."

"You’d expect to find the great moments in the national life of Germany here, but there are also films about a human plastination service in D?sseldorf, belly dance striptease in Munich, people wearing special flu and radiation suits on the streets of Hamburg, Tom Jones being taken down the salt mines at Berchtesgaden to get his gold disc for ’Delilah’, spectacular safety belt test crashes of the 60s, ice hockey carnivals, dog restaurants, bears and monkeys making hospital visits, unusual art, way-out fashions, mad scientific breakthroughs, bizarre mechanical toys and a wealth of stories that pay testimony to the humour, eccentricity and ingenuity of the German people. There is weeks of fun to be had trying to watch them all."

"It is however our British focus that makes us unique in the marketplace. We are, for example, the definitive source for anything on the Royal Family in the twentieth century."

Alastair White, the General Manager of British Pathé, appointed Mr Witter. "We couldn’t be happier that Simon agreed to become part of our team," he says. "I feel it’s very important that we are as close to our customers as possible, and having a German-speaker who is also a former producer on board is a real asset for us."

Mr White adds: "Simon joins us at an exciting time for the company. With our website, YouTube channels and licensing customers around the world, more people are watching British Pathé newsreels today than at any time since they stopped being shown in cinemas. Now we have to build upon that and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Simon will be an important part of this process."

German customers can begin licencing from British Pathé immediately.


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