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Critical Past Takes Footage Forward

Critical Past is a specialised vintage stock footage collection with millions of moving and stock photo images comprising one of the world’s largest royalty-free archive footage collections. All broadcast quality and available for immediate download in multiple HD and SD frame rates and codecs, including full resolution screeners.

See the StockFootageOnline profile here.

StockFootageOnline welcomes Critical Past to our hub of premium footage collections.


StormStock's Amazing 2017 Hurricane Footage Now Available For Licence

StormStock, the world’s leading authority on storm footage, has been busy the past few weeks keeping up with the weather. The production team, founded in 1993 by filmmaker and veteran storm chaser Martin Lisius, captured elements from one of the most significant hurricane seasons the US and Caribbean have ever experienced.

"We had three historically significant storms in one season, which is exceptional," Lisius said. "Hurricane Harvey became the costliest natural disaster in US history while Irma was one of the most intense hurricanes every recorded. And, Hurricane Maria is noteworthy because of the profound impact it had on a single large island."

StormStock’s 2017 hurricane collection focuses on the "in progress" phase of the storms including extreme winds, powerful storm surge and unprecedented flooding. The team captured the new material on HD and 4K, including boat POV’s and aerials.

Harvey video brief.

Hurricanes & Typhoons video brief.

The footage is available now for use in theatricals, docs, PSA’s and commercials. Producers and researchers can contact StormStock to acquire a batch of preview clips delivered free of charge. Licencing is customised to meet the needs of each individual production.


Israel Footage Flies High with the Best Visual Media is possibly the largest one-stop-shop in the world for HD and 4K video content of Israel and its surrounding areas. Using some of today’s top technology, their crews have shot every corner of the country in order to provide footage users with a plethora of options to choose from. This includes footage of the country’s majestic scenery, some of its holiest relics, as well as aerials and documentary material.

Established in 2002, Israel-Footage library has since licenced footage to hundreds of film, TV and video productions taking place all over the world.

See their profile here.

StockFootageOnline welcomes the continued support and participation of Israel Footage on our portal for premium footage production libraries.


20/20 Software Upgrades Footage Tools

20/20 Software has added some new tools for working with footage in their 20/20 Software system.

Clipping: Their Media Asset Manager creates clips from a master reel and saves them as new media records. In addition, it can create time slices for customer orders and deliver those slices to customers. Their websites allow customers to create time slices and then deliver them on the fly.

Offset Timestamps: Their Media Asset Manager supports offset timestamps, making it easy for the media library to get the correct time slices from the customer. Then, using the clipping feature, easily and efficiently make clips for delivery.

Multi-processing: Their Media Asset Manager processes videos with the ability to make clips, resize, apply timestamps (offset or standard), apply watermarks, and apply text overlays (scrolling or fixed) – all at the same time. In addition, the processor creates posters, thumbnails, and optionally playable thumbnails, all as part of the same video-processing action.

Batch processing: All the features of multi-processing can be done in batch.

Don Resnick, President of 20/20 Software, says, “We’re excited to add these new features to our software’s current video functionality. These new features join our existing enhancements for footage and video functionality, giving our clients the ability to offer clipping, pricing, and online delivery – all in a seamless and satisfying customer experience.”
20/20 Software is a leading provider of multi-media websites and image/business management software to media libraries, museums, corporations, institutions, and newspapers.

You can call them at +1 203.316.5500 in the US to schedule a demo or contact them at for more information about using their multi-media software system platform. Also, they are exhibiting at the Wyndham Hotel, New York, at the DMLA ConferenceTable #12 on October 23rd-24th, and at Visual Connectionson October 25th at Table #H10-11.


Bear Cubs Fighting Video from de la Harpes

South Africa-based wildlife photo and video specialists Roger and Pat del la Harpe have just got back from the most amazing trip to Alaska, and British Columbia in Canada. Roger says, “Wow! What an experience and what incredible pictures and movies - be sure to check out the video clip above. Our goal was to capture some wonderful photographs and movies of grizzly or brown bears, and this we did - beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. But it didn’t stop there - glaciers, snow capped mountains, epic scenery, unique aerial views, magnificent cityscapes and more. “

Brown or Grizzly Bear female feeding on a silver salmon while her cubs fight. Alaska, United States of America. 4k 50p video. Contact them for stock video usage details and see more of their work at their website, which has been newly upgraded, with better facilities, especially for mobile viewing.


Rohingya Crisis: Drone Footage Shows Scale of Refugee Camp In Bangladesh

Aerial video shows the sprawling spread of makeshift tents and shacks at the Balukhali refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Released by the Disasters Emergency Committee, the video was shot across several days in October.

The Muslim Rohingya refugees fleeing from Buddhist-dominated Myanmar since 25th August have put an immense strain on camps in Bangladesh, where there are growing fears of a disease epidemic among the half-million arrivals.

Website: Rohingya Crisis: Drone Footage

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