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SVT Archives Renews Partnership with StockFootageOnline

SVT Archives is the largest source of footage in Scandinavia, containing over 300,000 hours of material, and more is added daily. They offer clips of a wide range of topics - such as entertainment, historic events, places, celebrities, news, music, science, nature. Frequently requested footage from their collections is the Nobel Prize, ABBA, the Swedish Royal family and Lennart Nilsson.

Sveriges Television AB (SVT) is the Swedish public service broadcaster, started in 1956, but they have extensive collections of material from other archives dating back to 1896.

Please contact their sales executives for any of your projects. They offer fast research, easy delivery and competitive prices.

StockFootageOnline welcomes welcomes the continuing participation of SVT Archives on our portal for premium content.

See their profile here .


Daily Record's Footage of Eerie Abandoned Cold War Bunker

Youtuber Urbex Pajerico has been down an unexplored cold war bunker in Scotland, Near Dundee. Abandoned since the early 90s, it is a time-capsule of electronics, maps, utensils and other items left behind by observers planning for nuclear conflict with the USSR.

The Scottish Daily Record says, “The video of the bunker was shared by Youtuber Urbex Pajerico, who was taken to the secret location by a fellow explorer last week. The bunker is accessed from ground level via a mysterious hatch in the middle of a field.”

Such stations were manned by members of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) and one of their main purposes was to give the dreaded “four minute warning” in the case of a nuclear attack.

The bunker, 6ft underground, has been neglected and almost untouched for at least 26 years, since the Soviet Union fell in 1991. The monitoring posts were sealed shut or demolished after the observers ceased their duties.

A strange piece of weird footage.


Amazing Backwards Mini-Drone Footage

GoPro Awards recipient, Robert McIntosh, combines a custom-built mini drone, a deconstructed GoPro, and stabilization software he helped create, ReelSteady, resulting in this highly unusual and extremely tricky drone filming, run backwards.

Read more about how he did it on The Inside Line -

Learn more about the ReelSteady software used in this video here -

Music: Dexter Britain "Utopia" and additional music from ExtremeMusic.


LOLA Scoops the Pool with Achtel

LOLA, the LA and London based footage library, have just signed several talented natural history film-makers who have been featured on major networks such as National Geographic, including Pawel Achtel, an award-winning underwater film-maker who has designed his own 2D and 3D underwater camera housings to create outstanding ocean visuals.

The Pawel Achtel collection amongst others was brought to LOLA by Content Brick, LLC. Content Brick was founded by Jessica Napoli a previous head of the National Geographic Film Archive. “Content Brick’s Mission is to ensure talented filmmakers are distributed by the most reputable of companies and Lola was the perfect solution for the Achtel collection” says Jessica.

LOLA now have unique and powerful content from top professionals. Underwater cameraman and film-maker Pawel Achtel is one of them. Amazing material from his shoots in Australian waters is available from LOLA’s website.

Born in Poland, Pawel Achtel left the city life of Sydney to build a film production studio in Tasmania. For the past 20 years he’s been making natural history films, mostly underwater and has filmed in locations from the equator to Antarctica. He’s also worked as a DOP on features and live performances, predominantly using cine-style camera setups.

In 1999 Pawel produced and directed his first film, Aliens of the Sea. This film received the best documentary award at New York International Film Festival (1999); Aliens of the Sea was awarded the First Prize, Gold Camera Award in US International Film Festival and two Awards for outstanding Cinematography in International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana (2000). His engineering skills have helped him create award-winning 2D and 3D underwater camera housings able to record undistorted ultra-high definition underwater motion pictures.

See a gallery of Achtel’s material here.

Dominic Dare, Co-founder and Joint CEO of LOLA says, "It’s great to work with Pawel and with the help of Jessica at Content Brick as it fits LOLA’s mission to find amazing quality or unique archive to bring to the market. The footage is simply stunning and his re-breathing technique eliminates any form of air bubbles from distorting the image."

StockFootageOnline Features Studio Hamburg Enterprises

Studio Hamburg Enterprises is the exclusive worldwide distributor for ARD news footage, Germany’s oldest TV news archive, as well as the material in the NDR archives - both of which go back to 1952, the beginning of German Television. The huge range available includes documentaries from award-winning wildlife films to political features, light entertainment shows, music, culture, science, children’s programmes as well as other high quality productions across all subjects.


• Comprehensive full service archive catering to all producers in all media • Germany’s oldest TV archives: Complete, extensive and up to date coverage of German history • International insights from news offices around the globe • Collections of the extended unique NDR wildlife archive with more than 30.000 digitized clips. • More than 3,000 single clips and whole concerts starting in 1960s feature the leading artists of beat, pop, rock, disco, jazz, folk, blues, soul and funky and groovy music.

Size Of Library

Over 60 years of German Television. Daily programmes of the NDR TV and ARD newsreel as well as other selected productions are added continuously.
StockFootageOnline welcomes their continued participation in the world’s best portal for stock motion content.

See their profile here.


National Film Board of Canada Continues Partnership with StockFootageOnline

The world-renowned official visual media collection of Canada has renewed its commitment to the StockFootageOnline portal, home of all the best specialist collections on the web. The NFB is one of the world’s premier national archives, with material dating back over 100 years.

The National Film Board of Canada’s world-class collection contains footage shot on 16mm and 35mm film as well as born-digital footage in up to 6K resolution, and never-before and rarely-seen documentary footage. It also contains a huge collection of stills material. Although this archive mainly concentrates on Canada, there is a trove of content from around the world.

The NFB is noted for its collection of animated films, which cover a wide range of styles and subject matter, including award-winning ones which extended the boundaries of animated cinema.

StockFootageOnline welcomes the continuing partnership of this outstanding collection on the world’s premier hub for high quality visual media.

See their StockFootageOnline profile here.


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