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Rare Footage of Dugong in Australian River

The endangered sea mammal was one of a pair, probably mother and calf, which had been grazing on the sea grass – its natural food – in the Macleay River in New South Wales. The mother was found dead, but the second one is still swimming and the authorities are hoping to catch the animal and move it for its own safety.

Dugongs are a particularly rare creature, a relative of the manatee, and the only exclusively herbivorous sea mammal. They are long-lived, up to 70 years, and reproduce slowly so although protected in many areas of the Pacific, are in danger of extinction from hunting and habitat destruction. Their unusual name comes from Malay: "Lady of the sea".

Australian Authorities are still hoping to capture then move the animal to Sea World on the Gold Coast but as the days wear on hopes are fading as the animals need warmer water to survive.

The dugong has been spotted, and filmed (watch the video here), but catching these shy creatures is another matter entirely.

A second dugong, believed to be the mother, was found dead over a week ago and there are reports the pair had been in the Macleay estuary for up to six weeks.

Website: Last ditch effort to save Dugong in Australia

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News from Prairie Pictures - The Incredible Supercell - Nature's Atmospheric Wonder
Other than hurricanes, there's only one storm veteran storm chaser and cinematographer Martin Lisius cares about. It's the supercell thunderstorm, a storm with a persistent rotating updraft. He has been capturing storms on film in his native Tornado Alley for over 40 years and founded Prairie Pictures' StormStock, a collection of premium extreme weather imagery, in 1993.

Aerials Library Axiom Images Swoops into StockFootageOnline
The latest source of expert footage and stills to join the StockFootageOnline community of specialist visual media suppliers is Axiom Images, an independent aerial production company with over 30,000 aerials online, bringing an unmatched quality of flying stock footage to the sector by producing its own shoots.

Gorongosa Africa 4K from NatureFootage
NatureFootage now exclusively offers 4K footage from the series Gorongosa Park Rebirth of Paradise, produced by Off the Fence. This incredible rebirth of the African wilderness is one of the most ambitious wilderness restoration projects ever attempted. Gorongosa is at the southern end of the Great African Rift Valley in the heart of central Mozambique.

GoPro - Introducing QuikStories
Sharing cool experiences is now easy thanks to QuikStories – a new GoPro app feature that automatically pulls footage from a HERO5 camera and creates ready-to-share videos on a mobile phone. QuikStories are polished, shareable videos featuring customizable music, filters, and effects.

Footage of BMW Concept City Commuter Scooter
Footage of advanced Concept Bike from the BMW group, called the “Link”, for city commuting. The "Link" was photographed by Robert Westrich, and RECOM FILM produced a 30-sec. spot in parallel to the stills shoot for the premiere of the bike.

Amazing Lost Films from early 20th Century Buried under Canadian Ice
In 1978, in north-west Canada’s Yukon territory, construction on a new recreation centre was under way in a small rural settlement called Dawson City. As bulldozers tore up the ground where the previous sports hall had stood, a remarkable discovery came to light: hundreds of reels of ancient nitrate film. Some 533 silent films were recovered, including newsreels and features of all types, dating from the 1910s and 20s. Most were unknown but the deep cold had protected the films.

CNN Collection – US Marines Facing 'Discouraging' Challenges in Afghanistan
America's longest war goes on. US Marines in Afghanistan are grappling with depleted numbers, challenges from the Taliban and ISIS, and a war with no end in sight.

Channel 4 to Broadcast New Diana Footage in Feature-length Documentary
Channel 4 is going to show a brand new in-depth documentary featuring footage of Princess Diana speaking candidly on a range of subjects in August, around the 20th anniversary of her death, including never-before-seen video tapes of the princess.

GoPro Footage of Los Clavados - Mexico's Synchronized Divers
Fly through the air alongside legendary partners Rommel Pacheco and Jahir Ocampo as they defy their critics and train to compete in synchronized diving in the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico.

StormStock Nominated for Prestigious Award
Extreme weather specialist film-maker and photographer, Martin Lisius, has reached the final of the prestigious Weather Photographer of the Year contest, run by the Royal Photographic Society.

NBC Universal Collection Exclusively on Framepool
The Framepool RS collection is growing and becoming more amazing every day. Researchers will now have instant access to the stock footage archive of outstanding films and television shows from their exclusive NBC Universal collection which includes clips from recent Universal releases and classic films.

Mayweather v McGregor Fight Coming from IMG
The two biggest stars from the world of boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor, will enter the ring on August 26th to go head-to-head in one of the most hotly anticipated boxing bouts of all time.

Bridgeman Images Opens New Italian Office
Bridgeman Images is expanding globally. From 1st August, Bridgeman Images will be opening a new office in Italy. Alessandro Conficoni, of many year's standing with Bridgeman, will be heading up the new operation and has a wealth of experience with both clients and country.

NBC Drone Footage Shows Devastating Destruction in Mosul
Days after Iraqi forces celebrated the retaking of Mosul from ISIS, drone footage shows devastation in the historic city. Using a drone, NBC News were able to film the level of destruction in what used to be Iraq's second largest city, with a normal population of 1.8 million.

Bridgeman Images Cries Havoc and Unleashes Images of War
Bridgeman Footage have inked a new and exclusive deal with leading archive company, Images of War. Their footage collection starts in 1900 and ends with the first Gulf War of 1992. It holds over 14 hours of footage from the first World War, including the Somme and the archive includes social and political figures like JFK,Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Elvis and many others.

18-Second Clip Shows First Known Footage of WW2 “Comfort Women”
Historians estimate that as many as 200,000 women and girls from occupied countries like Korea, China and the Philippines were forced to work as sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. Up till now, no film of these women was thought to exist, but now South Korea has released a short clip.

StormStock Now Exclusive Source For World’s Best Hurricane Katrina Footage
Veteran storm cinematographer Martin Lisius battled fierce winds and catastrophic flooding to capture the fury of Hurricane Katrina on film as the historic storm made landfall on the US coast in August 2005. Lisius shoots for StormStock, the world’s largest storm footage library which he founded in 1993. He acknowledges the uniqueness of Katrina. “It occurred to me the day before Katrina made landfall in the Gulf of Mexico that it had potential to become the costliest storm in US history. It has since captured that title.”

StormStock Image of the Month- Lightning hits Kansas
The violent weather specialist features a two mile-long cloud to ground lightning bolt strikes open prairie land in the Kansas Flint Hills near Madison. Cinematographer: Martin Lisius. Format: DCI 4K 4:2:2 10-bit.

VideoBlogger Climbs London's Shard
CassOnline, the daring climber who scaled Tower Bridge a few months ago, has now released a new Youtube video showing his daring exploit where he reached the top of the Shard, the tallest building in London.

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