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Pond5 Debuts World’s Largest Collection of Royalty-Free Archival Footage

Pond5, one of the world’s leading marketplaces for licencing royalty-free footage and other media, today announced the launch of its archival footage collection — the largest of its kind — now available to producers and creative professionals across the globe. Expertly curated by international historians, the new Pond5 Archival Collection is one of the most comprehensive video libraries of historical moments and everyday life from the past 100 years, including rare footage spanning the 20th century, from major global events to authentic scenes of everyday life.

Highlights from the collection include stunning footage of World War II, the Space Race, and the 20th century’s most important world leaders. Also featured are a wealth of clips acquired from European footage agency Framepool, ranging from rarely seen historical moments to home video footage of daily life and activities from throughout the decades — much of which is now exclusive to Pond5. All video in the Pond5 Archival Collection is available with a simple royalty-free licence featuring worldwide usage in perpetuity. This unique content has all been digitally converted and restored using professional film-conversion techniques, with the majority now available in high definition (HD).

“Offering outstanding archival footage has been one of the most frequent requests from our customers, so we wanted to be sure we could deliver something truly special with this collection,” said Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman. “Now, the countless producers and editors who rely on Pond5 for their films, TV shows, documentaries, nonfiction programming, educational content, and other creative projects can find all the historical media they need on our platform, as well. We are very proud to offer so many unique views into history, and this is just the latest step in making Pond5 the one-stop resource for all creative professionals.”

For a taste of the new Pond5 Archival Collection, see this compelling compilation above featuring such famous faces as Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, the Beatles, Amelia Earhart, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and other icons and everyday faces from throughout the annals of the 20th century. Explore the full Pond5 Archival Collection at


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Telegraph Footage Shows Caribbean Islands Before and After Hurricane Irma
From Anguilla and Barbuda to the British and US Virgin Islands this film from the Telegraph newspaper shows the idyllic place they were before Hurricane Irma, and the appalling wreckage and destruction afterward.

Journeyman Pictures Joins StockFootageOnline
Another major specialist agency joins the world's best stock footage portal: Jouneyman Pictures – an archive of over 6500 films. This is a collection of the world’s hardest to find footage, their content comes from a vast international network of broadcasters and independents. We welcome this huge and powerful archive of video content to our outstanding hub for stock footage.

StormStock Team Covers the Fury of Super Hurricane Irma
StormStock, a stock footage collection specialising in severe weather since 1993, is covering the impact of major Category 5 Hurricane Irma as it approaches the US. It's a quick turnaround for the team that just returned from filming Hurricane Harvey, now the costliest storm in US history (estimated at 180 billion dollars). The new Irma footage is available from their website.

CNN Features All-archival History of President Reagan
The Reagan Show is a major documentary consisting of footage from the U.S. Naval Photographic unit, which filmed massive amounts of material during Ronald Reagan's term of office (1981–89), serving as 40th president of the United States.

Historic Films Continues Partnership with StockFootageOnline
Leading source for vintage entertainment, music performance and archival stock footage, Historic Films, has chosen to continue its partnership with the world's best portal for motion visual media: StockFootageOnline. We welcome their continued presence on our hub for specialised stock footage suppliers.

StormStock Captures the Wrath and Kindness of Hurricane Harvey
Last week, a relatively unimpressive tropical cyclone developed in the Gulf of Mexico. In a short period of time, the storm intensified and became a hurricane named Harvey. It tracked northwest and rapidly reached major hurricane category 4 status before making landfall near Rockport, Texas. Harvey continued to cause destruction over southeast Texas for 6 days. High winds devastated cities along the coast, and record-breaking rainfall of more than 50 inches flooded thousands of homes.

Drone Footage Shows Full Impact of Hurricane Harvey
The devastating hurricane which hit Texas is shown in its full impact by this drone footage posted by the USA Today News Network. Flying over what looks more like a war zone than a peaceful country, houses are shredded, vehicles damaged and low-lying areas inundated.

LOLA Clips Gains ITV North American Distribution and Flies Drones in Tokyo
The London and LA-based boutique agency LOLA Clips has scored two impressive successes recently. In the face of tough competition from some of the major agencies, it was appointed as distributor for the ITV Collection in North America. It also shot drone material for a new feature film in Tokyo, notoriously difficult to get permission to film over.

StormStock Captures Photogenic Iowa Tornado On 4K
Storm chaser cameraman and filmmaker Martin Lisius captured a series of tornadoes in Southwest Iowa for his StormStock collection earlier this summer.

STV Footage Sales Continues its Affiliation with StockFootageOnline
STV boasts one of the best collections of Scottish footage available. It’s archive dates back to 1957 with an expanding catalogue of over 50,000 hours of regional and network footage from the main ITV company which served the Scottish region. STV is continuing its partnership with the world's premier specialist footage portal: StockFootageOnline, the hub to access the best independent footage collections in the industry.

Best Solar Eclipse Footage
Sky News film showed crowds cheering as first total solar eclipse for 99 years in USA covered parts of the country in darkness as it moved over the middle part of America.

20 Years on INA MEDIAPRO reconstructs Lady Diana's Tragic Death
During the night of August 30th to 31st 1997, Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, died from the effects of a dramatic car accident in the Alma Tunnel, Paris.

Behind the Scenes at the CNN Collection
Alex Riley, CNN's Fulfilment Editor, is a key member of the CNN Collection's team who do research and fulfil requests for footage from CNN's vast archive of 4.25 million video assets in its vaults.

Index Stock – Aviation at its Finest From StockFootageOnline
The prominent aviation history and contemporary footage library IndexStock continues its partnership with the best portal for premium motion content: StockFootageOnline. Index has a very long history, with specially-shot footage from aviation going back decades. We are pleased to have them renew their position on this website.

Framepool Rocks Up with StockFootageOnline
The film-makers' collective has been acquired by RightSmith, and is now powering forward with a new and more professional business model. They are a valued part of the specialist footage portal StockFootageOnline. The place where researchers can quickly find premium content for every kind of project.

Watch - a New Platform For Shows On Facebook
Facebook has created “Watch,” the social video platform will offer a plenty of original content created in partnership with familiar content creators such as ATTN, BuzzFeed’s Tastemade and Conde Nast, among others.

LOLA Clips Joins the Premium StockFootageOnline Hub
The young, dynamic agency is brimming with excellent material from all over the globe. Now it is partnering with the best portal to specialist stock collections on the internet, StockFootageOnline, the site of outstanding footage collections and expert knowledge.

Drone Footage of Tesla's Giant Factory in Nevada
Electric carmaker Tesla have built a massive factory called Gigafactory 1 to create fuel cells for Tesla's zero-emission vehicles and Powerwall batteries for the company's solar arrays.

Rare Footage of Dugong in Australian River
The endangered sea mammal was one of a pair, probably mother and calf, which had been grazing on the sea grass – its natural food – in the Macleay River in New South Wales. The mother was found dead, but the second one is still swimming and the authorities are hoping to catch the animal and move it for its own safety.

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