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CelebrityFootage Owns The Red Carpet

Established in 1987, CelebrityFootage has high-value red-carpet and celebrity content from thirty years ago until today, which shows the impact and growth of many stars over their whole career.

Their videographers attend around seven events per week; on-site they have over 35,000 high-res clips in the collection, with more added every week. They often have unique material of awards-ceremonies, celebrities and stars.

Michael Goldberg, President of CelebrityFootage says, “This part of the year is our busy time with all the awards ceremonies. We went to the Hollywood Film Awards recently, you can see the footage on the site. We will be working hard right through to the beginning of March with the Oscars to finish off the season.” He commented that the awards season seemed to get longer each year, with more events to cover.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal meant them having to go back into their archives and pull up material from the earlier careers of people who had made allegations of abuse. The news channels needed content from the correct time and CelebrityFootage was able to supply that.

More recently CelebrityFootage has expanded its reach, with shooters covering the Cannes Film Festival, and also premieres in London and New York. Commissioned assignments are also now being created for specific clients’ needs.

See their YouTube channel here


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Footage of the Beatles on Location for Help! to Go On Sale
Unseen footage of the Beatles filmed more than 50 years ago is to go on sale. The Fab Four were caught on camera by actor Leo McKern while on location in the Austrian Alps for the 1965 movie Help!

New Footage and Spots from Erickson Stock
The travel and lifestyle library have created new ready-made spots from their recent location shoot in Wisconsin. Stories, stunning scenery and a canoe as a vessel for your brand's message. License as is with your logo, or Erickson Stock can customise with a new script and voice-over.

More “Alien” Footage Surfaces from the Dark Web
Many people seem to believe that aliens from outer space have visited Earth. Here at StockFootageOnline we like to keep an open mind, when we are not laughing – here's some more grainy footage of a “dead alien” apparently from 1992 in Switzerland.

FremantleMedia Archive Continues Partnership with StockFootageOnline
Celebrating over 40 years of Thames Television, FremantleMedia Archive represents the best in independent television from 1960s to the present day. With a collection of millions of clips and stills, the library is a treasure trove of UK TV, and StockFootageOnline – portal to the best footage collections on the internet – is proud to continue its partnership with this major resource.

In Memory of Oddball Films' Stephen Parr
Archivist and impresario of quirky, eccentric and forgotten films, Stephen Parr died recently, at the young age of 63. This lovely little film sums him and his work in preserving material that might have been lost very well.

HOsiHO Stock Agency Creates Its Drone Operator Network In France
Nearly four years after its creation, the HOsiHO aerial stock agency broadens its offering with HOsiHO Network, its own network of local drone operators in France. Composed of experienced pilots, selected exclusively among the most active authors of the agency, and based at the four corners of France, they are able to respond to any request concerning drone shooting needs, from international customers looking for a French creative drone operator, reliable and close to the filming site.

StormStock - “A Bolt from the Blue”
A "bolt from the blue" strikes behind a departing supercell thunderstorm in King County, Texas. It is so-called because lightning like this can catch people off guard when they believe the storm has ended. StormStock are the storm and severe weather specialist footage agency.

StockFootageOnline Continues Partnership with Erickson Stock
Specialist in lifestyle, travel and business footage, Erickson Stock, who have an offering of customizable storytelling videos, have chosen to continue their partnership with the internet's most effective premium visual media portal: StockFootageOnline. We welcome their continued participation on our content hub.

Director Makes Film Entirely Out of Surveillance Footage
Taking “Found Footage” to an extreme, “Dragonfly Eyes” is a Chinese film, directed by fine artist Xu Bing, which uses surveillance footage found on the internet, to create a fiction film about a mysterious woman.

ITV Sport Archive Keeps on Running on StockFootageOnline
The ITV Sport Archive features multi award-winning coverage and commentary from the world’s most famous and celebrated sporting moments. They are continuing their partnership with the world's premier hub for specialist stock video content: StockFootageOnline.

StockFootageOnline Features CNN Collection
Another of the world's greatest stock news footage collections is continuing its partnership with our content hub – StockFootageOnline is the gateway to the sector's premium stock footage content from our partners, the specialist video libraries. We welcome CNN Collection's continuing presence on our portal.

GoPro Launches Hero 6 Camera in 4K
The widely-used action camera has put out a new update: the Hero 6 in Black, with several improved performance areas: now it can record in 4K, with up to 240 fps slo-mo and a new processor.

Videoplugger – Another Top Content Library Joins SIO Portal
StockFootageOnline is the gateway to premium, specialised video media content, provided by a wide range of archives and collections which have the best footage on the internet, accessible immediately from our one-stop hub. We welcome the continuing partnership of Videoplugger on our portal.

World's First 360° Aerial of North Korean Capital
Pyongyang, capital of one of the world's most secretive and inaccessible countries, now has aerial footage, shot from a microlight, by a photographer who was given rare permission to fly over and take an extended video of the city.

View from an Intern at Huntley Film Archives
Huntley Film Archives operates an internship scheme and they were recently joined by Maggie from Canada who spent a month at the archive. Hear about her experience at the archive in her own words.

Critical Past Takes Footage Forward
Vintage stock footage and millions of stock photo images comprising one of the world's largest royalty-free archive footage collections. Critical Past is now available on the world's premier portal for top stock footage collections: StockFootageOnline.

StormStock's Amazing 2017 Hurricane Footage Now Available For Licence
StormStock, the world's leading authority on storm footage, has been busy the past few weeks keeping up with the weather. The production team, founded in 1993 by filmmaker and veteran storm chaser Martin Lisius, captured elements from one of the most significant hurricane seasons the US and Caribbean have ever experienced.

Israel Footage Flies High with the Best Visual Media
The specialist Israel one-stop shop for high quality video content has continued its partnership with StockFootageOnline, the world's premier portal for stock visual motion media. We are pleased to continue our association with the producers of prime Holy Land video images, including aerials.

20/20 Software Upgrades Footage Tools
20/20 Software has added some new tools for working with footage in their 20/20 Software system, including clipping, offset time-stamps, batch, and multi-processing, using their Media Asset Manager tool, for improved user experience and functionality.

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