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Universal Images Group Awarded Contract by Encyclopaedia Britannica
Universal Images Group, the distribution business unit of the Virtual Picture Desk (VPD), has been awarded a contract by the Encyclopaedia Britannica to provide them with over two million images for their picture library which is required for their Britannica Image Explorer online subscription service. UIG, working under Britannica's editorial direction, is sourcing, selecting, editing, aggregating and reprocessing the images provided by multiple image providers to create an educational library. The source of the images include Amana in Japan, Bridgeman Art Library, De Agostini Editore, DK Images, Lebrecht Music & Art, Mondadori Electa, the National Geographic Society, the National Portrait Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Nature Picture Library, News International, Oxford Scientific, Photo Researchers, the Science & Society Museum, Science Photo Library, The Granger Collection, and Wellcome Images. The library will also include content owned by Britannica.

"UIG has provided us with a unique library of content which is extensive in its coverage of subject matter. Schools, colleges, universities and public libraries can access this content online as an educational reference tool as part of our online subscription services," said Michael Ross, Senior Vice President of Encyclopaedia Britannica. "We were delighted that UIG is able to deliver the library on time, thus enabling us to meet our planned launch date."

The Britannica Image Explorer will enable students and teachers to find and incorporate high-quality photos and video into homework assignments, research projects and lesson plans. It will simplify the search for suitable images by providing access to millions of them in one place, along with reliable identifications, captions, sources and other data. The Web-based product will be available by subscription to schools and school districts beginning later this month in the USA and will be launched internationally during the 1st quarter of 2011.

Covert Police Video Films Calabrian Mafia Sit-down
Rare footage of Godfather-like meeting of underworld bosses.

Guardian Shows Footage of UK Ebola Sufferer
Nurse William Pooley talks in Sierra Leone before he caught the virus himself.

Drone Shot Down Over Iran Near Nuclear Power Plant
Controversial footage shows what Iranians claim is an Israeli drone.

Amazon Acquires Gaming Site Twitch for $1Bn
Gamers watch hours of other people playing instead of TV.

Sony and T3 Media Deepen Partnership
Footage from Sony now to be externally licenced via T3Licencing.

StormStock Provides Footage for Theatrical Release of "The Giver"
Futuristic film uses storm footage from bad weather specialist.

BFI Searches for Missing 1914 Sherlock Holmes Film
Call out for archive detectives to see if they can discover a copy.

Police Tear Gas News Crew in Ferguson
US protests escalate as paramilitary police suppress media.

US State Trooper Saves Suicide from Jumping
Dramatic dashcam footage shows Maryland officer drag man to safety.

FOCAL International Launches New Pitching Competition
Opportunity for archive filmmakers to send in programme ideas.

Microsoft Reveals Hyperlapse Application
New product which smooths out time-lapse clips.

Tropical Paradise - Palawan from the Air
Lovely Philippines footage of white sand beaches and azure water.

Extraordinary Images of Animals in Close-up
John Downer's 'animal-cam' footage available on BBC Motion Gallery.

Global ImageWorks HD Archaeology Collection Now Available
View evocative footage of historic ruins in Turkey and the Greek Isles.

Wildscreen Festival - Grab Your Early Bird Discount
Natural history film event 20% off tickets ends tonight.

Landslide in Nepal Causes Fatalities
Telegraph shows footage of tragedy caused by controlled explosion after heavy rain.

The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide is Now Available
StormStock founder Martin Lisius authors new weather book.

Home Movies of an Arms Dealer
New documentary centres on amateur film shot by infamous Viktor Bout.

Gerard Butler's Helicopter Footage Gets Pilot into Hot Water
Hollywood actor films friend stunting chopper which starts aviation authority investigation.

Royal Childhood Home Movies
Clips from amateur footage of British Royal Family playing and growing up.

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