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Universal Images Group Awarded Contract by Encyclopaedia Britannica
Universal Images Group, the distribution business unit of the Virtual Picture Desk (VPD), has been awarded a contract by the Encyclopaedia Britannica to provide them with over two million images for their picture library which is required for their Britannica Image Explorer online subscription service. UIG, working under Britannica's editorial direction, is sourcing, selecting, editing, aggregating and reprocessing the images provided by multiple image providers to create an educational library. The source of the images include Amana in Japan, Bridgeman Art Library, De Agostini Editore, DK Images, Lebrecht Music & Art, Mondadori Electa, the National Geographic Society, the National Portrait Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Nature Picture Library, News International, Oxford Scientific, Photo Researchers, the Science & Society Museum, Science Photo Library, The Granger Collection, and Wellcome Images. The library will also include content owned by Britannica.

"UIG has provided us with a unique library of content which is extensive in its coverage of subject matter. Schools, colleges, universities and public libraries can access this content online as an educational reference tool as part of our online subscription services," said Michael Ross, Senior Vice President of Encyclopaedia Britannica. "We were delighted that UIG is able to deliver the library on time, thus enabling us to meet our planned launch date."

The Britannica Image Explorer will enable students and teachers to find and incorporate high-quality photos and video into homework assignments, research projects and lesson plans. It will simplify the search for suitable images by providing access to millions of them in one place, along with reliable identifications, captions, sources and other data. The Web-based product will be available by subscription to schools and school districts beginning later this month in the USA and will be launched internationally during the 1st quarter of 2011.

Antares Rocket Explodes on Take-off
Aerial footage of explosion on space station resupply mission.

Finalists in FOCAL International's Archive Based Programme Pitching Competition Announced
39 pitches received from all over the world  three finalists chosen.

GoPro: Lioness Hunts Down a Waterbuck
Facinating footage from Kevin Richardson - the Lion Whisperer.

Drone Used to Monitor Killer Whales for the First Time
Scientific project to check whales off Canadian coast.

Paloma Faith Barbican Video
Singer releases new songs and concert footage.

ITNSource Interactive Timeline For Science and Technology
Intriguing method of displaying historical footage.

Private Space Rocket Falcon 9 Tests Mars Landing Capability
Elon Musk's rocket must land safely - thermal imaging footage.

Amateur Footage of Killer Blizzard
Guardian shows film by hiker of Himalayan climbing disaster.

New Study Shows How Birds Learned to Fly
High-speed footage of baby chicks falling shows them righting themselves in mid-air.

Stunt Footage of Wakeboarding in London
Dramatic clips of new extreme sport of surfing canals.

IMG Features Heavyweight Boxing
Wladimir Klitschko v. Kubrat Pulev on 15th November.

Ina MEDIAPRO Opens Linked-in Showcase Page
Information about latest activities of French specialist archive.

This is the oldest surviving film footage of Dublin & shot back in 1897
Clip from a new historical documentary called Ireland  Birth of a Nation.

Global ImageWorks Loves Austin City Limits
Longest-running music programme on US TV has footage available.

footageMarketplace USA 2014 Launches!
Come to New York on November 19th and meet the best footage libraries in the business.

NASA Drone Captures Footage of Hurricane
Flies over the eye of the storm in mid-Atlantic.

Eagle over Eiffel Tower
Footage from new film "Freedom, an Eagle Takes Flight".

Eruption at Bardabunga Volcano
Extraordinary footage as drone takes us close to boiling lava.

The Very Best of Jeff Astle - Footballing legend
West Bromwich Albion striker made his debut 50 years ago.

Smartphone Footage of Japanese Volcano Erupting
Images of ashcloud overtaking hikers on mountain.

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