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Here are fifteen cute baby animal moments from the Newsflare archive, including all those favourite creatures like elephants, rhinos, tiger cubs and tiny monkeys.
Police cars hurtling down the highway, shots fired, the dark underbelly of night cities, the thousand stories of grief, heartbreak and joy. Westdoc 10 is about that special breed: news stringers.
Now available exclusively from Kinolibrary, filmmaker Don Letts’s archive is a testament to the cultural exchange between the black and white youth of London in the 70s and 80s. Armed with a Super 8 camera, Letts documented the era’s most prominent countercultures; Reggae and Punk.
Look back on the golden age of air travel with Global ImageWorks. Experience sublime in-flight meals, comfortable seats, and top-notch cinematography. With service to hundreds of destinations around the world, their archival travel collection takes you everywhere you want to be.
The long-established archive collection now joins our premium hub. For expert researchers and buyers new content has been added, going back from today to the 1890s. We welcome this major footage source to our online community of stock film and video professionals.
Stanlow Island has been abandoned and unseen for 30 years, but it is not in a remote location but in the UK's heartlands, near Liverpool.
Newsflare presents a compilation of the most exciting and jaw dropping wildlife encounters and moments caught on camera.
In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 3rd as World Bicycle Day. Adventure Film Archive shows off some enthralling bicycling footage.
Since the earliest stages of the coronavirus outbreak, Journeyman’s titles have cast a lens onto the pandemic and its life-changing disruptions all over the globe.
When Pablo Escobar and the Medellin drug cartel established a foothold in Medellin, Colombia, earning it the moniker as the most dangerous city in the world, it was a rapidly growing city full of traders and labourers in the midst of it's economy's industrial evolution.
The French clip library has a fantastic collection of jazz footage and celebrates two of the greatest musicians around: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.
The German history collections have a new facility for their clients: from now on, you can order free preview files for editing for all footage available on their website. No transfer costs will be charged.
Setting aside any fear of heights, the adventure specialist footage library are very excited to point the spotlight upwards this week, and gasp at some truly breath-holding climbs documented by their fantastically talented partner Cameron Maier, aka Bearcam.
With GIW’s new search function, finding our footage is now easier and faster than before. Their new site features a more robust and accurate search engine, updated filters, and improved clip bin functionality.


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