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WE ARE A MUSIC LIBRARY. UNLIKE OTHERS, WE ARE COMPOSERS FIRST. OutsiderMUSIC's private catalog currently hosts four different labels containing over 4300 hand-crafted tracks and 114 albums, covering a wide range of styles and genres. You have more than likely heard our work on some of your favorite Emmy award-winning TV shows, SuperBowl ads, films and video games.


Triumph Music is a UK-based independent music production library, that offers various licensing of a wide variety of tracks. Whether itís music for television, film, media or documentaries, Triumph Music aims to help you bring your vision to life with their diverse range of genres, playlists and music styles, just one search-and-click away.


ProSoundEffects aim to inspire and spark creativity in every project, and to help tell your story with the very best sounds availiable. With tracks specially curated from a global network of exclusive industry-leading audio professionals, and a library thatís both easy to use and fast to produce quality results, ProSoundEffects provide a range of licenses and downloads to choose from. Stop searching, stay creating.


Shockwave-Sound is a premium stock music library that only use the best hand picked and high quality tracks, to eliminate any time wasted looking for the right sounds for your production. With a large and diverse music library, and easy to use search engine, Shockwave-Soundís customer satisfaction guarantee means trouble-free usage of their music and sound-fx, or your money back.


Soundstripe license and provide expertly curated and royalty free music, for all content creators, podcasters, youtubers, filmmakers and innovators. With unlimited access to thousands of high quality tracks, both songs and sound effects in an expanse of genres, and with 200 new songs added to the library every month to stay up to speed with the latest trends, Soundstripe will have the music you need, no matter what.


Music Bakery provide royalty free and easy to find music for use in radio, TV, Youtube and more. With hundreds of tracks, in a spectrum of music styles in their music library catalog, working with a team of award-winning composers, Music Bakery is a high-quality choice to make when searching for the best soundtrack for your project.

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